КіноКава: A Christmas Carol

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Disney's A Christmas Carol is an American 3D computer animated motion-capture holiday fantasy comedy-drama film written and directed by Robert Zemeckis.

It is an adaptation of the Charles Dickens story of the same name and stars Jim Carrey in a multitude of roles, including Ebenezer Scrooge as a young, middle-aged, and old man, and the three ghosts who haunt Scrooge.

The film also features supporting roles done by Gary Oldman, Colin Firth, Bob Hoskins, Robin Wright Penn, and Cary Elwes. The 3D film was produced through the process of motion capture, a technique Zemeckis previously used in his films The Polar Express (2004), and Beowulf (2007). A Christmas Carol began filming in February 2008, and was released on November 3, 2009 by Walt Disney Pictures.

It is Disney's third film retelling of A Christmas Carol following 1983's Mickey’s Christmas Carol and 1992's The Muppet Christmas Carol. The film also marks Carrey's first role in a Walt Disney Pictures film, and his second Christmas film after How the Grinch Stole Christmas (2000).

Episode 1. Marley's warning

1. Match the words with their definitions.

 1. a humbug  a. a small particle of bread, cake, etc., that has broken off
 2. doubt one's senses  b. a spot or stain, especially of ink on paper
 3. affect  c. the fat and juices that drip from cooking meat and used as a sauce for meat, potatoes, rice
 4. a blot of sth  d. a supernatural appearance of a person or thing, especially a ghost; a specter or phantom
 5. crumb  e. to form by heating and hammering
 6. gravy  f. to act on; to attack
 7. apparition  g. something intended to delude or deceive
 8. worldly mind  h a chain placed on the feet
 9. be fettered in chains  i. relating to this world as contrasted with heaven
 10. forge  j. to be uncertain about; consider questionable or unlikely
 11. ponderous  k. of great weight; heavy; massive
 12. linger  l. to stay in a place longer than is usual or expected

2. Listen to the Marley's monologue and fill in the gaps with missing words.

– (Marley) I was blind! Blind! I could not see my own life! Oh, ................... (1) is me! – (Scrooge) But you were always a good man of business! – (Marley) Business! ............... (2) was my business. The common ................... (3) was my business. Charity, mercy, ................... (4), and ................... (5) were all my... Hear me! My time is nearly gone. – (Scrooge) I will. But don't be hard upon me, Jacob. – (Marley) Pray. I am here to warn you that you have yet a chance and a hope of ................... (6). A chance of my procuring, Ebenezer. – (Scrooge) You were always a good friend to me, Jacob. Thank ‘ee. – (Marley) You will be ...................(7) by three spirits. – (Scrooge) That’s the chance and hope? I'd rather not. – (Marley) Expect the first tomorrow when the bell ................... (8) one. – (Scrooge) Couldn't I take them all at once, and have it over with, Jacob? – (Marley) Expect the second the next night at the same hour. And the third upon the next night, when the last ................... (9) of 12 ................... (10) to vibrate. Look to see me no more.

Episode 2. Ghost of Christmas Past

3. Match the beginnings and the endings of the sentences.

 1. Would you so soon put out,  a. than a life doomed to poverty.
 2. … I am mortal  b. to fetch you.
 3. And he sent me in a coach  c. we were both poor and content to be so.
 4. There is nothing on this earth more terrifying to me  d. and liable to fall
 5. It was made when  e. with your worldly hands the light I give?

4. Find who …

  1. … takes Scrooge back to important moments in his past, to show his how he became to be the miser he is today and how he could have avoided it.

  2. Although she was very much in love with Scrooge, she became frustrated with his obsession with money and eventually called the wedding off. She later married someone else.

  3. Although she was very much in love with Scrooge, she became frustrated with his obsession with money and eventually called the wedding off. She later married someone else.
Questions on the episode 2.
  1. What is Scrooge's initial attitude toward the spirit?
  2. When Fan comes to pick Scrooge up, we learn a reason why Scrooge may have turned out the way he did. What is this reason?
  3. What kind of people are the Fezziwigs?
  4. Who is Belle and why was she important to Scrooge?

Episode 2. Ghost of Christmas Past

This spirit takes Scrooge to see how other families are preparing for and celebrating Christmas. Scrooge is shown his own nephew’s family and the Cratchitts, who have less than he, sharing in the joy of Christmas. It also reveals what these people think of Scrooge.

5. Fill in the gaps with a suitable word.

whims / scabbard/ mortals / dallying / surplus / meager / lame beggars
  1. I see you wear a ..................., but no sword.
  2. Not many ................... are granted a heavenly perspective of man's world.
  3. You seek to close the only places in which they can warm their ................... meals every 7th day.
  4. Peter, off with you to the baker’s… And take the children with you. And pray, no ...................
  5. It might make pleasant for them to remember it upon Christmas Day who made ................... walk and blind men see.
  6. If he is to die, he had better do it. And decrease the ................... population.
  7. Who suffers from his ill ...................? Only himself!
Questions on the episode 3.
  1. What are three significant things we learn about the Cratchit’s?
  2. How is Scrooge affected by seeing the family?
  3. Describe the game called «Yes» and «No» Scrooge witnesses at his nephews Christmas party.

Episode 4. Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come

This spirit shows Scrooge the future — where nobody mourns his death and Tiny Tim succumbs to the illness that poverty has brought to his short life.

6. Watch the episode and fill in the gaps with missing words.

Somebody was fool enough to put it on him ................... (1). But I took it off him. This is the end of it, you see. He ................... (2) everyone away while he was alive. Only to ................... (3) us now that he’s dead. If he’d had somebody ................... (4) him when he was struck with death instead of lying there, all alone, ................... (5) his last breath, well, we wouldn’t have these things to sell now, would we?

Questions on the episode 4.
  1. What does the spirit of Christmas future look like? How does Scrooge feel about this spirit?
  2. What is the lesson Scrooge learns that he has not learned before?

7. List key events along the timeline that cause Scrooge to change.

 Waking up on Christmas  morning  Watching the Cratchits'  Christmas  Christmas Eve in his office
 Visit from Marley  Seeing the dead man's grave  Watching Fred’s family  Christmas
 Watching break-up with Belle  Watching Christmas at  Fezziwig’s  Seeing Little Fan
 Tiny Tim's death  Seeing himself as a child at  school  Sending the Cratchits the  turkey

And Scrooge was better than his word. He did all that he said he would and more. And to our Tiny Tim, who got well, Scrooge was like a second father. He became as good a friend, as good a master and as good a man as the good old city ever knew. And it was always said of him that he knew how to keep Christmas well. And so, as Tiny Tim observed...
– God bless us, everyone!

Short summary

The tale begins on Christmas Eve in the 1840's, exactly seven years after the death of Ebenezer Scrooge's business partner, Jacob Marley. Scrooge is established within the first chapter as a greedy and stingy businessman, who has no place in his life for kindness, compassion, charity or benevolence. After being warned by Marley's ghost to change his ways (so that he may avoid a miserable afterlife like him), Scrooge is visited by three additional ghosts; each in its turn, who accompany him to various scenes with the hope of achieving his transformation.

The first of the spirits, the Ghost of Christmas Past, takes Scrooge to the scenes of his boyhood and youth, which stir the old miser's gentle and tender side by reminding him of a time when he was more innocent.

The second spirit, the Ghost of Christmas Present, takes Scrooge to several radically differing scenes (a joy-filled market of people buying the makings of Christmas dinner, and the family feast of Scrooge's near-impoverished clerk Bob Cratchit, among other sites) in order to evince from the miser a sense of responsibility for his fellow man.

The third spirit, the Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come, harrows Scrooge with dire visions of the future if he does not learn and act upon what he has witnessed. Scrooge's own neglected and untended grave is revealed, prompting the miser to aver that he will change his ways in hopes of changing these "shadows of what may be".

In the fifth and final chapter, Scrooge awakens Christmas morning with joy and love in his heart, then spends the day with his nephew's family after anonymously sending a prize turkey to the Cratchit home for Christmas dinner. Scrooge has become a different man overnight, and now treats his fellow men with kindness, generosity and compassion, gaining a reputation as a man who embodies the spirit of Christmas. The story closes with the narrator confirming the validity, completeness and permanence of Scrooge's transformation.