Розмовні конструкції
для занять з комунікативної практики

Рівень А1:

Making request
Asking for information
Making arrangements
Ordering in a restaurant
Making conversation
Giving directions
Making suggestions
Offering to help

Рівень А2:

Making conversationt
Expressing likes / dislikes
Making a phone call
Giving / responding to advice
Asking for / giving directions
Seeing a doctor
Finding out information
Buying things
Making guesses

Рівень B1:

Talking about yourself
Telling a story
Dealing with misunderstandings
Reaching agreement
Polite requests
Giving news
Clarifying opinions
Being a good guest
Expressing uncertainty
Giving advice / warnings

Рівень B2:

Making conversation
Giving and responding to opinions
Describing procedures
Expressing likes and dislikes
Suggesting ideass
Adding emphasis
Reporting an incident
Giving a tour

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