Лексичний мінімум загального курсу англійської мови

Рівень А1:

Welcome: objects
Lifestyle: activities, daily routines; jobs
People: personality, family
Places: rooms / furniture; prepositions, places in towns
Food: food / drink, containers
The past: common verbs / biographies,
Holidays: travel, places
Now: verbs + prepositions, appearance
Transport: transport collocations, adjectives + some other words
The future: plans, surviving + phrases with get
Health: the body; health, common verbs + adjectives

Рівень А2:

Life: free time, relationships
Work: work, jobs
Time out: time out, the arts
Great minds: make and do, education
Travel: transport, travel items
Fitness: health, food
Changes: verbs + prepositions, collocations
Money: money, multi-word verbs
Nature: environment, the outdoors
Society: describing a city, сrime and punishment
Technology: communication, feelings
Fame: film, celebrities

Рівень B1:

Identity: family, relationships
Tales: types of story, the news
Contact: communication, future time markers, idioms
Jobs: millionaires, dream job
Solutions: machines, ask the experts
Emotion: feeling stressed, the people watchers
Success: being successful, ability
Communities: getting on, compound nouns, the internet
History: events in history, periods of time, collocations
World: the environment, reporting verbs,

Рівень B2:

Beginnings: personality, feelings
Issues: social issues, tecnology and privacy
Downtime: behaviour, locations
Stories: sayings, feelings
Ideas: change, advertising
Age: age, optimism / pessimism
Media: television, reporting verbs
Behaviour: collocations, feelings
Trouble: crime, scam
Culture: adjectives to describe films, popular culture

Додаткові матеріали

Phrases with go, do, go for, get