КіноКава: Friends (Welcome Home)

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Episode 1. Problem with an entertainment center

1. Watch the episode 1 and answer the questions.
  1. What pieces of furniture can you see in Joey's apartment?
  2. What's the most problematic one?
2. Explain the meaning of the words / phrases.

 1. to rip  3. to throw something out  5. to get a tetanus shot
 2. to slide  4. to be tired of  6. to be alright with smth

3. Put the sentences into the correct order.

 1. Joey: How many times do I have to tell you! Ya, turn and sliiiide! Y'know, turn and slide. (...)
 2. Chandler: You don't turn and slide, you throw it out! I'm tired of having to get a tetanus shot every time I get dressed! (...)
 3. Chandler: Wow! That ripped! That ripped real nice! (...)
 4. Joey: Look, we're not throwing it out! I built this thing with my own hands! (...)
 5. Chandler: Do you mind if we stick you in another cabinet? They seem all right with it! (...)
 6. Joey: All right. But, you're gonna have to tell them. (...)
 7. Chandler: All right, how about we, how 'bout we sell it. (...)

4. Discussion.
  1. Do you have any things in your house that are not useful or even harmful but you can't throw them away?
  2. What would you do if you were in the same situation as Chandler? Would you throw that wardrobe away? Would you sell it?

Episode 2. Thief

1. Watch the episode 2 and explain the meaning of the words / phrases.

 1. the unit  5. to bet sb 5 bucks  9. to knock five bucks off the price
 2. storage compartment  6. to stick a board through the handles  10. to have a deal
 3. big enough to fit  7. to lock sb in  11. to get away from it
 4. grown man  8. a coffin  12. a nickel

2. Fill in the gaps with the words below. Practice the conversation with your partner.

price / roommate / unit / storage / nickel / board / started

Joey: This is the .............. (1) for you my friend. Sturdy construction, tons of .............. (2) compartments, some big enough to fit a grown man.
Guy: What?!
Joey: Oh yeah! I got in there myself once. My .............. (3) bet me five bucks that I couldn't, and then he stuck a .............. (4) through the handles that locked me in. Yeah. It was funny 'til I ….............. (5) feeling like I was in a coffin.
Guy: No, you, you can't fit in that thing. That's not deep enough.
Joey: Oh yeah? If I can't, I'll knock five bucks off the .............. (6) off the unit.
Guy: All right, you have yourself a deal.
Joey: Okay. See?! I told ya!
Joey: Sometimes I get in here just to get away from it! Hey, a .............. (7)!

3. Could you predict what happens in the episode 3?

Episode 3. Appartment is empty

1. Watch the episode 3 and answer the questions.
  1. What was the outcome of Joey's business?
  2. Was Chandler glad to see Joey alive?
2. Match the words with their definitions.

 1. stuff  a. to meet by chance
 2. to come by  b. done (given) because you want and not because you are forced to
 3. to get in  c. a group or pile of things that are not specifically described
 4. voluntarily  d. the act of selling something
 5. to make a sale  e. to enter
 6. to run into sb  f. to make a visit

3. Put the sentences into the correct order. Then watch the episode again to check.

 1. Joey: WHAT?!! (...)
 2. Chandler: Are you all right?! (...)
 3. Chandler: OH MY GOD!!! (...)
 4. Joey: Yeah... (...)
 5. Chandler: What happened?!! (...)
 6. Joey: Awww, man! He promised he wouldn’t take the chairs!! (...)
 7. Joey: I was tryin' to make a sale!! Oh, man, if I ever run into that guy again, do you know what I'm gonna do? (...)
 8. Joey: Well, this guy came by to look at the unit and-and he said he didn’t think big enough to fit a grown man! (...)
 9. Chandler: What the hell happened?!! How were you locked in?!! And where the hell is all of our stuff?!! (...)
 10. Chandler: So — You got in voluntarily?! (...)
 11. Chandler: BEND OVER?!!! (...)

4. Compare the pictures of the robbed and "usual" Joey's apartment. Describe them as in the examples below.
  1. There were two stools near the counter but now there aren't any stools.
  2. There was a football table but now there isn't a football table.