КіноКава: Problem Child


 a) play video games  h) watch TV
 b) singing  i) go swimming
 c) drawing  j) go running
 d) play with toys  k) feed pets
 e) play badminton  l) clean an aquarium
 f) play football  m) do bungee jumping
 g) go fishing  n) read books

1. Guess which activities your partner does in his / her free time. Then speak to him / her and check if you were right. If the answer is YES, ask how often he/she does it.

 Activity  Yes or no  How often?
 Go running    
 Watch TV    
 Read books    
 Go fishing    
 Go camping    
 Sing songs    

2. Watch the episode and decide who said the lines below.

 1. I tried to like it at the orphanage but then I became interested in photography.  
 2. Eat all of your stew, children. A growing body needs nutrition. And discipline.  
 3. It was so delicious I just gobbled it all up!  
 4. I can't believe it. For once, you behaved yourself. Thank you, Lord!  
 5. Miss him? Where's he going?  
 6. Haven't you heard? I'm getting adopted. I got a new mommy and daddy and they're so nice.  
 7. Good little boys get good homes. Bad little boys get something else.  
 8. Big deal. If you have to be a creep like Freddy, I don't want a family.  
 9. Beck, known infamously as the Bow Tie Killer, was recaptured this afternoon and is now on his way back to federal prison.  
 10. Why don't you take a look at this adoption literature? We can talk about it tonight.  
 11. Why don't you? I don't wear second-hand clothes and I won't have a second-hand kid. Adoption is out!  
 12. Junior!  

3. Read the sentences and put them in the correct order.

(.....) Please, please don't make me lift those heavy stones and please don't make me scrub those dirty toilets.

(.....) You see that? He said he's sorry.

(.....) I'm sorry, sisters.

(.....) Don't worry about it. The nuns made a suggestion you might be happier outside of the orphanage.

(.....) I just want to be a good boy. I promise!

(.....) So I can be smart and become a priest!

(.....) There! You see that? A priest! A priest! It's like a nun with a jacket. It's a boy nun! He wants to be a boy nun.

(.....) Please, give me another chance. I just want to learn my lessons and do my studies.

(.....) It is in the opinion of myself and my agency of which I represent that Junior will not be removed from this orphanage.

(.....) Removed? What do you mean, removed?

(.....) Let me tell you something. It takes a big man to admit his mistakes. And there is a big man!

4. Fill in the gaps with the words above.

buddy / favourite / believe / litter / see
  1. Hey there, little ............. I'm Ben, this is Flo. Put it there, partner.
  2. My name's Junior. My ............ colour's blue. What's yours?
  3. My favourite colour's blue, too. Can you ............?
  4. He's perfect. He's wonderful. Come here.
    Thank you, sisters, goodbye. Goodbye, kids!
    Bye, everybody! Don't forget to write!
  5. We got the pick of the .............
  6. Everyone's come out to ............ him off.

adopted / orphan / row / go / insured / pet
  1. How come you ............. me? How come you just didn't have a baby?
  2. Well, gee. With a baby, you never know what you're getting. It could be a dud. But with you there's no surprise.
    Mr Peabody told us how terrific you are.
    He did?
  3. Sure. He said that you were voted most popular ............. two years in a ..............
  4. That was smart of him.
  5. In we ..............
  6. Wow. This is a great house. We're going to keep it neat and clean, aren't we?
  7. I hope you guys are .............. And you have a cat. Here, kitty-kitty.
  8. No, Junior, make nice with kitty. Only ............. her this way.

5. Choose the correct meanings of the words in bold.

1. Put that down! That's mine! These are all my presents!
    a) put something onto a surface (land, for example);
    b) take for yourself;
    c) do not touch;

2. He's not even a real kid. He's adopted.
    a) after a hospital so that you can be ill as well;
    b) very stupid;
    c) legally made part of a family but not born in it;

3. Why aren't you outside? Clowns are dumb.
    a) funny;
    b) stupid;
    c) scary;

4. It's a hardened prune. Grandfather became a little senile toward the end. He thought it resembled Roosevelt.
    a) looked very similar to;
    b) was invented by;
    c) was bought by;

5. I think we've got a problem. You think so? We should get rid of the kid and buy a new cat!
    a) throw away something so that you do not have it any more;
    b) adopt another child;
    c) buy him something expensive or interesting.